The Beatles Original Memorabilia

The Beatles Original Memorabilia

By Marco Antonio Mallagoli

In this page we will show some original Beatles memorabilia that we are selling.
Most of the items are from serious collectors and from my own collection. As a Beatle fan since 1963, I want for my own collection only original itens and I will never work with false or fake material, as I know what is to be a Beatles fan.
So, all my years as a serious collector and my reputation guarantee you.
I also met the four Beatles and Iam a musician, so I know a lot about them and all the items.
If you are interested,in any of the items, please contact me at my e-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at +55 11 95206-2078 and we can negociate

quatro ori


John Lennon Litogravure Collection

This came from a cousin that was in honeymoon in London in 1970, and got it in a gallery. As she told me at that time, it was a John Lennon show, and she came in and remembered from me and bought it.
Below you can see the pics.




lito capa net copy

lito 00 net copy Copia

lito 01 net copy

lito 02 net copy

lito03 net copy

lito 04 net copy

lito 05 net copy

lito 06 net copy

lito 07 net copy

lito 08 net copy

lito 009 net copy

lito 010 net copy

lito 011 net copy

lito 012 net copy

lito 013 net copy

lito 014 net copy

john 04New York 10/10/1980


John Lennon Litogravure 1981 

This Litogravure, was released by Yoko Ono, after John´s death, and it is original and in color,a limited edition too.
I got it straight up from Yoko`s office in New York


lito john 1981 1


lito john 1981 2



Hofner Bass 1967, signed in 1993 by Paul McCartney

This Hofner bass, Paul signed for me in 1993, when he came to play in Pacaembu Stadium in São Paulo, and I went backstage again, with my family and he hold it for several minutes in his hand, signed and we took a Picture with he, holding the bass, as you can see below.


paul and bass 93
Paul McCartney holding the bass signed with me at his back and my family together at back stage in Pacembu 93


hofner 00

hofner 01

hofner 10

hofner 11

hofner 04

hofner 05

hofner 09

hofner 07

hofner me 00   hofner me 01


George Harrison signature in the Revolution Newsletter

He signed for me when we met in Los Angeles in 05/25/1988. I gave him our newsletter in homage to he and he, looked at it, asked me where did I get those pictures, signed and gave me back.
I had another copy with me and  gave him, so he kept one copy with him.

revo auto george 1


revo auto george 3


revo auto george 4

george 01


Traveling Wilburys Gretsch guitar signed by George Harrison

This guitar is original from 88, and was signed by George Harrison for me. Unfortunatelly I don´t have pictures of this happening, but I have pictures from George and me, some time before it happened.
Pictures of the guitars, me and George below

mallagoli and george harrison 01

Guitar 01 -


guita 01 05

guita 01 04

guita 01 03

guita 01 02

guita 01 back 04

guita 01 back 01

guita 01 back 05

guita 01 back 02

guita 01 back 03


Guitar 02

guita 02 07

guita 02 06

guita 02 03

guita 02 02

guita 02 01

guita 02 back 04

guita 02 back 01

guita 02 back 03

guita 02 back 02


Yellow Submarine from Corgi Classic Collection 1997

yellow 02

yellow 03

yellow 04

yellow 05

yellow 06

Rolling Stone Magazine with George Harrison

 Original Magazine edited in UK in September 2, 1971

rolling stone george

 Rolling Stone Magazine with John Lennon

Original from UK, the first one was published in January 21,1971; the second one in February 4,1970

rolling stone john 01


rolling stone john 02


Rolling Stone Mgazine from Brasil with John & Yoko

Published in Augut 8, 1972, original em portuguese. rare

rolling stone john brasil

Beatles Original Medal - 25 Years of Sgt. Pepper´s - from 1990 Apple Corps Limited

This medal, was made to celebrate the 25 Anniversary of the "Sgt. Pepper´s" release, in a limited edition, by Apple Corps.
It is original and is from 1990.

medalha 01

medalha 02

medalha 03

medalha 04Back of the medal

medalha 05Back of the medal


Beatles watch from 1993 released by Apple Corps in a Limited Edition

Watch 01 -

watch 01 01

watch 01 02

watch 01 03

watch 01 04


Watch 02 -


watch 02 01

watch 02 02

watch 02 03